Aguatronics™ Basic FM Humidifier

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Aguair’s Aguatronics™ FM nozzle is unique in the industry. It is the perfect solution for maintaining high humidity levels without wetness in smaller rooms, typically up to 10,000 cubic feet / 280 cubic meters. The FM nozzle is 100% efficient as all water evaporates into the room.  It is "Plug and Play," as it comes with all necessary components.  Connect to your local/municipal water supply*, plug in the air compressor, and connect to the housing.  


• Plastic tips prevents mineral build-up
• Fully adjustable to your preferred humidity levels
• Up to 96% humidity without wetness
• High flow rate of 1.9 l/hr (0.5 gal/hr per nozzle...unit comes with two nozzles per humidifier)
• Very fine fog evaporates immediately without wetness
• Low operation air/water pressure of 30-40 psi (system comes with a compressor)
• Plug And Play; comes with a compressor, humidistat, nozzle, and controls
• 24 volt solenoid valve with automatic pressure regulator at the nozzle for complete elimination of dripping before and after fogging
• Components are modular to meet customers’ needs
• No holding tank required for water or air


*If your water source is not ideal or is hard, we have industrial Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems made for the FM.  Contact us for details.



Nozzle Specs
Flow Rate: 1.9 LPH per nozzle
Drop Size: 6-10 microns
Water Pressure: 30 PSI
Air Pressure: 20-30 PSI
Material: ABS
Connection: 14mm Quick Connect

System Specs
Electric: 220V | 60 HZ (110V | 50/60HZ option available)
Water Inlet: 19mm NPT
Water Pressure: 40 PSI
Air Pressure: 20-30 PSI
Nozzle Capacity: 2 per control

Utility Requirements
Water: 19mm FNPT
Drain: Not required