F-751 Melon Quality Meter


Expected release date is 2024

  • Accurately and rapidly measure Brix.
  • Ascertain harvest and incoming fruit quality instantly.
  • Easy, out-of-the-box operation.


The F-751 Melon Quality Meter accurately and non-destructively measures Brix, the melon’s key quality and ripeness metric. Using near-infrared (NIR) technology, the F-751 takes  measurements in seconds, enabling melon growers, distributors, and retailers to rapidly gather data without destroying product. Trusted by thousands of universities, research  institutes and commercial producers worldwide, Felix Instruments now brings the power of NIR technology to the melon industry.

Measurement Range: 5-15° Brix
Varieties: Honeydew, Cantaloupe

Full Specifications                   

Spectrometer     Hamamatsu C11708MA
Range               640-1050 nm
Spectral Sample Size   2.3 nm
Spectral Resolution 20 nm (FWHM) maximum
Light Source  Halogen Tungsten Lamp
Lens           Fused silica coated to enhance NIR
Shutter   White painted reference standard
Display    Sunlight visible LCD screen w/ backlight
PC Interface Wi-Fi
Data Recorded

Raw data, reflectance, absorbance, 1st derivative, 2nd derivative, GPS, date, time

Measurement °Brix
Power Source

Removable 3400 milliamp hour lithium-ion batteries

Battery Life 500+ measurements
Body Heavy-duty aluminum body
Dimensions 18cm H, 12cm W, 45cm thick
Weight 1.05 kg