Easy-Ripe Ethylene Generator

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The Easy-Ripe® Generator

The Easy-Ripe® Generator provides consistent, non-pressurised ethylene on a continual basis in order to achieve uniform ripening and degreening.



  • No mixture with inert gas is needed as our system is inherently safe
  • Easy to make only as much ethylene as needed for the target room, no need to store large quantities of compressed gas on site
  • Each bottle of Ethy-Gen® II makes 0.365 cubic meters of ethylene, enough to ripen several loads of fruit
  • There are no residues as a result of our ethylene application
  • Equipped with remote control options from ethylene sensors or PLC units.
  • Compliance: TÜV SÜD, CE


How it Works:

  • Simply place in the ripening room in a convenient location
  • Plug into a properly grounded electrical mains
  • Select conversion rate
  • Pour one or two liters of Ethy-Gen® II Ripening Concentrate
  • Ethylene production begins in just a few minutes!

Ethylene output is adjustable for multiple room sizes, which means the Easy-Ripe® can adapt to any ethylene PPM requirements. For larger rooms, additional units easily achieve proper ethylene levels.


Operating Instructions for the generator can be found here: