ETHY-GEN® II Ripening Concentrate

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ETHY-GEN® II Ripening Concentrate:

Authorised by Ctgb for banana ripening

Ethy-Gen® II’s active ingredient is all-natural & GMO-free, and is the only “ripening fluid” approved by the Dutch Ctgb, US EPA and the UK HSE Chemicals Regulation Directorate (CRD). Specially formulated by Catalytic Generators, LLC, Ethy-Gen® II is the efficient and clean way to apply ethylene for ripening.

Ethylene is naturally odorless and without measuring the level in facilities, there’s no way to know it is present in the ripening room.  No ethylene = no ripening. That’s why ethylene created from Ethy-Gen® II has a slight sweet smell…letting you know it is there, doing the work to help make delicious fruit.  You may have heard it called “ripening fluid,” because that’s exactly what it does. Simply pour it in or connect it to one of our generators, and watch the safest, most effective and consistent ethylene production begin.  Manufactured with only the purest ingredients available, customers are assured of safe and effective use when converted to ethylene in a Catalytic Generator.  

Available in 12 one-litre bottles per box, FOB Rotterdam, Netherlands.